Open Computer Update — The Screenshot

Not much new about the Psystar machine I ordered on Monday… But when I logged onto their website this morning, they had a blog entry with a screenshot from System Profiler running on the machine. At least that’s what they claim. (Click on the image below to see the full-size version.)


Of course, something like this is pretty easy to mock up & fake, but…

The question of Psystar’s legitimacy is still open. Engadget has had a few articles on Psystar, and has spoken at length with owner Rudy Pedraza, who supposedly promised to send a machine to them for testing. It was Tuesday when that was mentioned, and as of today, Engadget has not posted anything on that at all. Hmmm.

Just now I opened Psystar’s home page and found an interesting note:

We’re in the process of moving to a new location which is now listed on our contact page. The first new address posted (10481) was in error and our correct address is 10475 NW 28th Street. PSYSTAR was, prior to this past week, not ready to handle the enormous production capacity demanded by the online community. Due to the incredible response we have now expanded to a larger commercial unit to handle the supplies and assembly of Open Computers. THANK YOU for all of your orders.

Midday yesterday our store was not receiving any orders. This was due to the fact that our merchant gateway, Powerpay, dropped the ball on us and refused to process any more transactions from our company. We have reverted to Paypal until we can find a high-volume merchant. Apparently Powerpay was not ready to handle the community’s demand for Open Computing.

Due to the wave of orders for Open Computers coming through there is currently a 10 to 12 day build time for all products.

The contact page says this new address is in Doral, FL. I popped that address into Google Maps, but it didn’t recognize the city Psystar lists — Doral, FL. Using the Zip Code 33172 brings you to Miami, and shows what looks like yet another residential neighborhood.


That makes the second time they’ve changed their address. The first published address looked like a residential area. The second address was in a commercial area, but a manager at that building has never heard of Psystar. And now this? Dang. What are they trying to pull?

And the thing with their merchant gateway, Powerpay… If this cnet article is true, it turns out that they didn’t exactly “drop the ball”; more like they tossed the hot potato as far as they could when they found out exactly what Psystar was selling.

Another interesting thing I bumped into yesterday was a Google Ad at the OSX86 Project Wiki page:


That’s pretty bold, having a Google Ad on that site, especially considering that the guy who developed the EFI emulator, the gadget at the core of the OSX86 project, claims that Psystar ripped it off without giving him credit.

I’m getting a little nervous. Maybe I should talk with the bean counters & let them know what I’ve done in case they need to undo it with the credit card folks. Gulp.

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