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Psystar — Almost There…

Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor and bring my lower jaw back in line with the rest of my teeth… I just got a phone call from a polite young man by the name of Jose from Psystar to let me know about the delay with the white cases, which would […]

“Get ’em While They’re Hot”

There’s a new post on Psystar’s website this morning, which includes a video of their “triplets”; three of their Open Computers, each running a different OS. One running Windows XP, another running Ubuntu, and a third running Leopard. This marks the first time the Psystar geeks have actually given us a peek at OS X […]

The Virtual KVM

These days at work I’m supporting both Macs and PC’s. With recent change in my job responsibilities, the PC side is eclipsing the Mac somewhat (and no, I’m not liking it so much!) I finally broke down this month and purchased a real live modern Windows XP machine to go on my desk (which replaced […]

Psystar — Still Hopeful

Earlier today I checked the Psystar website, and they must’ve been doing some maintenance on the server or changing something with the configuration; got nothing but errors. And the pit in my stomach came back. It was Sunday, so it wasn’t difficult to put it out of my mind for most of the day. When […]

The Psystar Saga — Riding It Out

All the hysteria on Gizmodo and elsewhere over the Psystar saga had me all weirded out yesterday. I was ready to call them up to cancel my order, then take it to the credit card company if they balked. But then I had a decent night’s sleep, and woke up to see this insightful comment […]

Open Computer Update — The Screenshot

Not much new about the Psystar machine I ordered on Monday… But when I logged onto their website this morning, they had a blog entry with a screenshot from System Profiler running on the machine. At least that’s what they claim. (Click on the image below to see the full-size version.) Of course, something like […]

Psystar — The CrabApple That Could

Psystar made a huge splash on the interwebs yesterday by introducing the OpenMac (later renamed “Open Computer” when they realized how badly that would piss off Apple.) The Open is essentially a white box Intel-based computer that can run unmodified OS X Leopard kernels, and can even be ordered with Leopard preinstalled. The computer’s specs […]

Be a Good Do-Bee — Romper Room

My Mom, bless her soul, was a true packrat. She saved everything. Maybe it was that she grew up during the Great Depression (if so, what’s my excuse?)… No matter; I’m grateful for some of the things she saved and was able to pass along to me. One of them is a packet of stuff […]

De Ruijter Chocoladehagel Melk

This stuff is a true Dutch delicacy, and a rare one here in the States. I’d never heard of them before my introduction to Dutch ways after meeting my wife’s family. They look like the standard candy sprinkles you might find on a doughnut or a cake or whatever, but they certainly don’t taste the […]

Windows Rant of the Day — Screenshots

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m spoiled by the Mac OS, and making a screenshot on the Mac is just one of many places where the Mac shines and the PC… um… doesn’t. For just about forever on the Mac, to take a screenshot of what’s in front of you, all you’d need […]