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Plane on a Conveyer Belt ran yet another post on the stupid “Plane on a Conveyer Belt” question: Imagine a plane is sitting on a massive conveyor belt, as wide and as long as a runway. The conveyer belt is designed to exactly match the speed of the wheels, moving in the opposite direction. Can the plane take off? […]

Makela Auto Tuning

( Cars! )

When I grow up, I want to work at MAT (Makela Auto Tuning). Yes, I’ll move to Finland. Yes, I’ll learn the language. Yes, I’ll put up with the long winter nights. Just for the chance to work on some of the great projects they showcase on their site. Take for instance the 1929 Model […]

Foolish Disbelief

FFH has a song called “One of These Days“. The lyrics talk about how things will be different “one of these days” when we get to heaven… One of these days I’m gonna fly Over the mountain One of these days I’m gonna ride On the silver lining One of these days I’m gonna witness […]

Only 9 Months To The 2008 Election…

It’s not even February, and it seems the media types have already appointed a candidate for the Republican ticket. We’re barely done with a handful of primaries, and if you listen to the pundits, John McCain is the man. And so far he’s only won in one state, and that by only 3 percent. The […]

iMac Disassembly

One night a while back, Yvonne was working on a jigsaw puzzle upstairs while I was working on an iMac downstairs — swapping out the power supply I think. At one point in the evening she walked by me and my project and said something like, “Who needs jigsaw puzzles when you’ve got 3-D puzzles […]

Metropolitan Minnesota

( Cars! andFun! andOld Things )

Here’s a funny photo I found on eBay… It was on an auction for a 1959 Nash Metropolitan, in Minnesota. Dairy country, no doubt! I’ve been looking half-heartedly for a project car; kinda thinking ahead to Ian getting his license in a year or so. It’d be fun to pick up something that needs a […]

The Million Dollar Chicken

( Fun! )

Once there were three sons — Milton, Marvin and Melvin. When the boys came of age, they each left home, went out on their own, and prospered. Later in life they returned to reunite in the planning of their mom’s 75th birthday, and they each tried to outdo each other with an extravagant gift for […]