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A Big Red Truck

( Cars! )

I want this truck soooo bad. I don’t need it. I can’t justify the cost, bargain though it is (the FOR SALE sign lists the price at $6,500). I have nowhere to park it. But I really really like it and would love to own it. Is that wrong? It’s just a great looking truck. […]

An Early Christmas Gift

We woke this morning to a gorgeous coating of hoarfrost on everything outside. The drive to church was really spectacular, as was the view of the city from the north-facing windows at Central. There was a heavy fog in the air which left a thick coating of light frost — almost snow — all over […]

Windows Rant Of The Day – Num Lock

I’m a Mac guy. I cut my teeth on Macs back in the early ’90’s, have worked in prepress since then, and with the exception of an Amstrad Word Processor and an IBM PC/XT, have had nothing but Macs at home. At work I have the distinct and dubious privilege of providing support for both […]

“What Do You Want For Christmas?”

( Family andFun! )

Who, me? Oh, not much. I’m very easy to please. Here’s a list… a two-car garage, a couple of vehicles that don’t have acres of rust on them, a MIG welder, drill press and milling machine, unlimited funds and sufficient time to finish some of the unfinished projects around the house, 40 pounds off my […]

Pushing 1,000!

1,000 visitors, that is. Sometime today (or maybe tomorrow), I should cross the threshold into the four-digit realm, at least as it’s measured by Sitemeter since I first signed up in April, 2006. I should probably also note that I didn’t realize until just recently that Sitemeter allowed you to ignore visits from my own […]

National Corn Husking Competition

I got a little taste of corn husking as a kid. Dad had his hobby farm by Shindler but not a lot of land for growing crops. What he did have was lots of connections with farmers who grew corn and would let him go through their fields to glean leftover corn that their pickers […]

The Fletcher Aviator

( Cars! andFun! )

I bumped into this in the classified ads at; very, very cool. Asking price is $55,000, but I found another version of the ad where he’s asking $70k, so I’m thinking the price is pretty negotiable. Probably not negotiable to where I’d be able to afford it, but… Here are the specs for the […]

The Bull Pecker Cane

Back in the early ’80’s I joined the South Dakota Air National Guard and went off to Basic Training, then on to technical training at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS. During my six months at Keesler, one of my roommates was a Mormon guy from Utah by the name of Ira. Ira was a great […]