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The Singing Highway

Here’s something interesting; grooves cut in the pavement on a dangerous highway make the tires “sing”, and help keep drivers alert. It’s called The Singing Highway in South Korea. Very cool! I’ve thought of something like this; there are stretches of road around here that have grooves cut in them to channel water off the […]

World Vision Gift Catalog

Is there someone you know who is really hard to buy a gift for? I know a few people like that. They’ve got everything they need. Most anything they don’t have and might be on their Christmas list would likely be too expensive for me to buy for them, and anything that is within my […]

Is It Christmas?

( Fun! )

A simple, single-purpose website; And no, it’s not Christmas yet.

This Close To Losing My Lobster

( Fun! )

I ate my first lobster earlier tonight, and I must say it’s a terribly overrated experience. I was far from impressed. I was invited to this banquet, and the main course was lobster. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but decided to go ahead for the adventure. And now, here I sit, four hours later […]

Lost Family Found, Almost Under Our Noses

I’ve been doing some research trying to find more about my family history… Uncle Runt did some work on the family tree years ago, but went only as far back as his Grandfather (my Great Grandfather), Serrill C. Thornton, born in 1852 in Whitehall, NY. His father — my Great-Great Grandfather — was also named […]

The John Deere B, aka Johnny Popper

The kids & I passed a really lazy Sunday afternoon yesterday watching one of my favorite movies, Cars. One thing that struck me while watching it is that they could have cast the herd of tractors a little better; in the movie the likeness of an old Farmall tractor was used to portray the cow-like […]

Ka’s Evil Twin — The Commercials

I was reminded this morning of a couple of commercials for the Ford SportKa that I saw online a number of years ago. The SportKa is a Europe-only model that was introduced in 1996, and these commercials were broadcast for only a short time in Great Britain before being pulled because of consumer complaints. There […]

Grandfather To The SUV?

( Cars! )

We went to a threshing bee in Granite, Iowa, a while back, and saw lots of great old iron. One of the stars of the show for me was this 1949 Kaiser-Fraser sedan. From the front, it looks a lot like most other cars (and trucks) from the ’40’s, but stroll around to the back… […]

A New Look

It’s been a while since I changed the theme on this site; about 2005 to be exact. So yesterday I did some digging around amongst the freebies available at WordPress & found Upstart Blogger Minim to suit me quite well. Nicely uncluttered & clean, easy to read, three columns… what more could I ask for? […]

Ben Franklin — One Smart Fellow

“And have we now forgotten that powerful Friend? or do we imagine we no longer need its assistance? I have lived, Sir, a long time; and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this Truth, that God governs in the Affairs of Men. And if a Sparrow cannot fall to the […]