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( Fun! )

Gadgetopia’s got some ad content going on right now that’s pretty entertaining; Sprint’s They’ve got a pile of Flash videos with helpful timesaving tips, along with how many days/weeks/years using that tip will save you throughout your life. My favorite is the Turbo Parking. Best part is watching the guys at the food vendor […]

Happy Birthday To Me!

( Fun! )

Today is my birthday! I don’t feel any older, but I guess I am; at least the calendar says so. How old? 29 (but don’t ask how many time’s I’ve celebrated that milestone!) Miss Cellania has the same birthday, and put up a big birthday post for the occasion, so I thought I would too. […]

The 1920 Ford Roadster

( Cars! )

Saw this machine at a car show over the weekend. Drool. By far the most memorable machine there. The sign on the windshield said it was a 1920 Ford Roadster, but it sure doesn’t look like any 1920 Ford I’ve ever seen (photos of). It may be a heavily modified 1920 Ford built up for […]

Fixin’ the Dashboard

( Cars! )

We’ve owned a 1997 Plymouth Voyager minivan for the last five years. It’s an ok van in it’s own way, but if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have bought it. It’s got some persistent rust along the rocker panels, and some unknown damage to the undercarriage on the left side […]

Chocolate Pudding

Is there anything on this planet that tastes as good as chocolate pudding hot out of the pan? No, not the cheap crap that comes pre-made in little plastic cups. And not the instant crud that you mix with cold milk. Rather, I speak of the Real Chocolate Pudding that you have to cook on […]

Porsche. Electrified!

( Cars! )

When it comes to electric vehicles or hybrids — homebuilts or manufactured — the standard fare tends to be boring econoboxes, pickups, or whatever. There is of course an exception in the Tesla Roadster, and other prototypes that have gained some notoriety, like the T-Zero and the WrightSpeed X1 EV, but for the most part […]