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The Cat Magnet

( Fun! )

There’s a great PSA being aired now for the the website; The Cat Magnet. It’s my new favorite. Click the image below to see the commercial on YouTube.

The AutoCanoe

( Bikes )

Here’s another unique pedal-powered machine; the AutoCanoeTM. The Autocanoe Is a Pedal Powered Amphibious Recumbent Tricycle and a Roadable Pedal Canoe! The configuration is that of a Recumbent Tricycle with the two forward wheels driving and the single rear wheel steering both on land and in the water. It can travel over the road and […]


( Links )

Another neat find from Neatorama; BECAUSE I SAID SO. A mom’s blog expressing the frustrations of child rearing (suppose that term was coined by the spankings that are applied when said children misbehave?) The blog is very well written, and unlike a lot of blogs, is very unassuming and innocent in what is posted. Most […]

Should Do This

( Links )

Just bumped into this morning (thanks to a link on Neatorama). Think of it as a suggestion box for everything. Some suggestions are serious, some not; some are helpful, some naughty… But most are fun to read.

The Free LaFree

( Bikes )

I’ve been planning to buy an electric conversion kit for one of my bikes for a while now, and finally got the money and the CFO’s blessing last week, and ordered one. It’s due to arrive on Saturday. But that’s another story for another post, because Fortune smiled on me tonight. Ian had a flat […]

Lightning Samurai

( Cars! )

What do you get when you stretch the front of a Suzuki Samurai out & stuff a 425 horsepower Corvette engine under the hood? The Lightning Samurai, built by It’s apparently a one-off, but I’m guessing they could churn out another if someone were to come up with $25,000. The car has been converted […]