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The VogaBike

A couple of weekends ago I bumped into something online that made me dig up some sketches I’d made years ago (1985 or ’86 I think). Back then I was wanting to build a record-breaking human-powered speed machine. I reasoned that the pedaling action on standard bikes was less than efficient, but the rowing action […]

This Message Will Self-Destruct In 10 Seconds

Here’s a service I’ve wished for on a number of occasions;, where you can send an anonymous email that can only be viewed a specified number of times or for a specified amount of time. You just enter the recipient’s email address, a subject, your message, and how you’d like to have it viewed. […]

The RoadBoat

Here’s an interesting human-powered vehicle. Christened the RoadBoat — a cute play on names, since it’s powered by four “rowers”, but travels on the road — it was designed and built to set a record for a trans-Canada ride back in 2001. We intend to establish a Guinness World Record for traveling from Halifax to […]

The MI Speedball

( Cars! )

I’m not quite sure whether to poke fun at this idea or applaud it for being a great idea. In 1956, Mechanics Illustrated published plans to build a car from mostly plywood, oak, and mahogany strips, using a motorcycle engine for power. On the one hand, I love the concept; light weight, readily available parts, […]

The Digital Movie Experience

A couple of weeks ago Caleb and I went to see Ratatouille (great, great movie, by the way), and much to my surprise the theater (the Carmike 7)had installed Christie digital projectors. Wow! What a difference that made! The colors so bright, the details so crisp… Everything was just so… clear. Add to that the […]

“Strange Things Done In The Midnight Sun…”

( Fun! )

Last Sunday morning we had a guest speaker at Central; Bob Thune, senior pastor of Southwest Community Church. Pastor James is out of town, and Bob happens to be the brother of Senator John Thune, who happens to attend Central. Bob’s sermon was very good and all (listen here), but the thing that got me […]

Elijah Page

It’s a little strange, all the hand wringing going on in Sioux Falls this week over the execution of Elijah Page. It was scheduled for last night, and they went through with it. No last minute reprieve, no last minute change of mind. But also no last words & no apologies to the victim’s family. […]

The Burma-Shave Booklet

A while back whilst browsing through a neighbor’s garage sale, I picked up a really spiffy copy of a Haynes Guide for Yellowstone National Park, printed in 1959. Aside from some dented corners and some kids’ scribbles on the cover, it’s in beautiful shape. Flipping through the pages when I got home, I discovered a […]

PowWeb: My New Home

Aaaaahhhhh….. That’s the contented sound of me being happy that things are transferred (mostly) to my new web host (, and things are working. My web presence is pretty minimal, so the headaches were pretty minimal, but headaches there were. But all in all, pretty painless. I came to the point where I had to dump the old […]