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What the…

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Not even sure what to say about this… thing.


I had seen it once before last summer behind the Gas Stop on North Cliff. It had/has a Wisconsin license plate on it, so at that time I thought I’d never see it again. I think this was the thing that made me decide to get a second digital camera so that I could grab a photo of weird stuff like this when the opportunity presented itself. Today, I had the camera, and now I have the photos .

cop_car_1.jpg cop_car_2.jpg

It looks like an old civil defense siren strapped to the top of it. Not sure if there is a purpose for it or if it’s just there for shock value. I do know I’d hate to be in front of it when he cranks it up.

Wonder what kind of gas mileage it gets; that horn can’t help that old Dodge’s aerodynamics a bit.

Edit: Turns out there is a name for it; a Bluesmobile! Apparently there are folks around that feel the need to emulate the cars driven by Jake & Elwood. Go figure. No explanation about the speaker on top though. EDIT: Of course the speaker on top is emulating the speaker used in the movie by Jake & Elwood to get the word out about their concert. Had to watch the movie again to figure that out.

I don’t know that the car I saw in Sioux Falls last week was the same one pictured at the link; the horn is different, the pallet/speaker mount is much different, the markings on the doors are different, the nerf bars are different, and most notably, there are no ropes! So, I guess this could be considered a knockoff of a knockoff!

Thanks to rojisan for the tip!


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Meet the newest addition to the Thornton family; Pippin the Canary.


Yvonne had mentioned before that she’d like to have a pet finch or two, so for her birthday I bought her a bird cage & told her that she could pick out the bird. I suggested a canary (definitely my preference, but it was her birthday present after all!) but because of the cost I didn’t know if she’d go that direction or not. We spent quite some time in the pet store the Saturday after her birthday, Yvonne trying to decide whether to go with the finches or a canary, and finally settled on this guy. He’s more of an orange/white combination, but from what I’ve read their color can change after molting according to nutrients in their diet. Guess we’ll find out.

Pippin didn’t get a name for a about a week after he came home with us. He adjusted pretty well, and was entertaining us with his songs almost right away. At first we had his cage in the dining area, and he’d get quite loud with us right next to him. We just got a larger cage this past weekend, and moved him closer to a window. He seems much happier, as are we, with a little distance between us & him.

We also picked up a CD with canary songs on it. Playing that on the stereo is a sure way to get him to burst into song. He tends to be a bit on the quiet side unless the room is brightly lit; when the cage was in the kitchen he wouldn’t sing until the lights were on. In his new spot, he gets to see the sun come up, so he’s been singing bright & early.

It’s funny how a little critter like Pippin can have personality, but he certainly does. Yvonne & I both agree that he was a great addition to our home!

A New Knife In My Pocket

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For the last couple of years I’ve carried around a cheapo Chinese-made pocket knife, but as in most things, you get what you pay for in a knife. The one I used to carry — actually the ones, as I bought four of them back then, for about $1 each — had the pocket clip get bent and it didn’t want to stay in my pocket anymore. I tried tapping down the rivet to tighten it up, but tapped a few too many times or too hard and now the blade complains about coming out. As for the others, one has a seriously broken pocket clip, one got stolen out of the Suzuki last week, and I’m not sure where #4 is… Although the serrated blade was decently sharp and could be sharpened up nicely, it just didn’t seem to keep its edge very well. And I never really cared for the serrated blade.

So I broke down the other day & stopped at Ace Hardware to see what they had. I’d normally just browse & pick one that struck my fancy and wasn’t too terribly expensive. But that day the store was nearly empty, and after the guy in the red shirt asked me for the third time if I needed any help, I gave up the thought of dodging him & let him show me his wares.

After telling him what I’d become accustomed to carrying, he pulled out a Kershaw Scallion, a very nifty little knife that snaps open with a flick of the finger, almost like a switchblade. The blade is only 2.25 inches long, but I don’t need anything any longer than that, and the size & weight is just about perfect.


But the neatest feature about it is how it opens. You simply flick at a little notch attached to the blade, and “CLICK”; it’s open. Push on the lock and the blade swings shut. I could play with the thing all day it’s so cool. I wasn’t really planning on spending $30-plus on a knife, but this thing was just so impressive. Strange though that Kershaw names its goods after onions; this one is the Scallion, they also have the Leek. I don’t get the connection, but that doesn’t change the fact that I really like this knife.

I bought the one with the plain blade, no serations on it, and it is super sharp. Time will tell how well it holds its edge and how easy it is to sharpen.

Is it worth $30 more than my old knife(s)? Time will tell with that as well I guess, but for now, I’m pleased with my new toy!

The Pontiac Banshee

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Banshee Badge
I was looking for some info on another old Pontiac machine & bumped into this one; the 1964 Pontiac Banshee.

At first blush, it looks like a Corvette, but the Corvette didn’t sport the styling cues developed in the Banshee until 1968.

More photos after the jump.

Buck Buck!

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One of the kids’ favorite things to listen to is an old Bill Cosby comedy album that I’ve had forever. One of the things Cosby talks about is playing a game called BuckBuck. In BuckBuck, five kids will line up, each one bent over the back of the kid in front, so that you end up with what looks like a ten-legged horse. Then the other team runs up from behind the others & jumps on top. If the bent-over team crumples under the weight of the other, they lose.

Well, it seems that BuckBuck has a following that I’d never dreamed of, and is played by youth groups & college students all over. Guess that’s something I missed by not being involved in a church youth group when I was a kid and by my non-trad college experience. Anyway, one of Emily’s classmates needed some video footage of a game of BuckBuck, and being unable to find one, got Emily & some others to play for the camera. Here’s the result. She can fly!