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Evil Flash Games

Filed under: Links — dave @ 11:48 am 2006/12/30

There are thousands of addictive flash games out there. Lots of them remind me of the old classic arcade games, like Asteroids, PacMan, Galaga, etc… (if only I could have all the quarters back that I wasted on those games, with interest. I could probably retire!)

A couple of days ago, Deane posted about another one that’s particularly addictive, Jeu Chiant, or Irritating Game. It’s as simple and basic as a Flash game can get; takes hardly any time at all to load, and game play is as simple as moving your mouse back & forth. The difficulty in the game is the multiple goals. At the top of the game panel is a pong-style paddle with the ball that bounces between it and the walls & ceiling of the panel.

The twist is that below the paddle is a ramp with a ball on it, and the ramp tilts in the direction you move the paddle. The farther you move the paddle, the more the ramp tilts, and the faster the ball moves near to the edge. So the trick is to keep the ball bouncing up & down without making the ramp tilt too far.

Thus far my highest time is 43.something seconds. The ball starts going hellaciously fast after 30 seconds, so I don’t know if it’s possible to get much better than that. Something tells me that I’ll likely keep trying.

Oh, and just for the record, I realize that I blew my resolution to do a post-a-day. And it only took a day to do it. Sigh. But to justify my blunder, Deane also posted something relevant about that. Seems that a post a day is a bit too much for most bloggers. I don’t feel so bad after reading that.

A Post A Day?

Filed under: About This Site — dave @ 11:04 am 2006/12/27

It’s been over a month since my last post. Probably not unusual for a lot of writers (I don’t care much for the name ‘blogger’) — and it probably doesn’t matter much to the half dozen readers who hit my site in a month — but it bothers me a bit. So, whether it’s long or short, interesting or not, I’m gonna try to put something new on these pages every day.

And if most days go like this one, it’ll be coming in just under the wire. Like this one.