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The Human Marvels

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The Human Marvels really doesn’t describe this site accurately; something more along the lines of Human Oddities would be closer to the mark. Basically a collection of stories about sideshow freaks and people born with bizarre physical deformities, how they dealt with being different, and how people treated them. Very interesting reading.


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Not much more to say than that; just a collection of neat stuff found on the Internet. Kinda like BoingBoing without the scuzz and left wing political rhetoric.

The 1905 San Francisco Earthquake

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Here’s a panoramic photo of San Francisco in the wake of the great earthquake & fire of 1905. Click the link to see a high-resolution version of it (warning: very large file)

San Francisco in Ruin

Words fail me.

Bear Feet

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I was reminded tonight of a “Caleb-ism” from a while back. Caleb went running out the door in cold weather with no shoes on, and I shouted at him, “Hey! You don’t want to go out there in bare feet!”

He stopped & looked at me with that “What the hey are you talking about” look, and said, “I don’t have bear feet; I have boy feet,” and proceeded to run outside.

Gotta love that kid!

While I’m at it, another bare feet story, this time from Emily. While at the day care one day she had her shoes off, and one of the day care workers commented that she had “such dainty feet.” So for a long time “dainty” was synonymous with “bare”; Emily never had bare feet, she had dainty feet.

It’s Not My Guitar Anymore

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Labor Day is upon us once again. How time flies.

That means it’s been four years since I broke my ankle. How’d I break my ankle? Well, what I like to tell folks is that I was trying to rescue orphans from a burning building, but it’s hard to keep a straight face with that story. The truth though, is pretty humbling.

We had bought little aluminum kick scooters for the kids years earlier, and although I used them from time to time when camping or chasing the kids around the block, they were always too small for me. I had to bend over to reach the handlebars.

Then one day I saw an older lady riding what looked to be an adult-sized kick scooter through Spellerberg Park, and I thought, “That is for me!” Soon after I found them for sale at Shopko, and they were even marked down, and I bought one. And it was a fun ride!