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The Human Marvels

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The Human Marvels really doesn’t describe this site accurately; something more along the lines of Human Oddities would be closer to the mark. Basically a collection of stories about sideshow freaks and people born with bizarre physical deformities, how they dealt with being different, and how people treated them. Very interesting reading.


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Neatorama. Not much more to say than that; just a collection of neat stuff found on the Internet. Kinda like BoingBoing without the scuzz and left wing political rhetoric.

The 1905 San Francisco Earthquake

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Here’s a panoramic photo of San Francisco in the wake of the great earthquake & fire of 1905. Click the link to see a high-resolution version of it (warning: very large file) Words fail me.

Bear Feet

I was reminded tonight of a “Caleb-ism” from a while back. Caleb went running out the door in cold weather with no shoes on, and I shouted at him, “Hey! You don’t want to go out there in bare feet!” He stopped & looked at me with that “What the hey are you talking about” […]

It’s Not My Guitar Anymore

Labor Day is upon us once again. How time flies. That means it’s been four years since I broke my ankle. How’d I break my ankle? Well, what I like to tell folks is that I was trying to rescue orphans from a burning building, but it’s hard to keep a straight face with that […]