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Really Big Numbers

Filed under: Fun!,Geek — dave @ 10:19 am 2006/07/31

Everybody knows what to call big numbers when it comes to a dozen or so digits, but what about when the numbers get bigger than that? I was reading an Kokogiak Megapenny Project, which helps to visualize large numbers using, of course, pennies. For example, did you know that ten million pennies stacked up would make a cube 6 x 6 x 6 feet. If all those pennies were laid out flat, side-by-side, like a huge carpet of pennies, it would nearly cover one acre. If stacked in a single column it would reach 9.88 miles into the air. Oh, and it would weigh in at around 31.3 tons. That’s a lot of coin.

Baldwin-Motion – The Return Of The Great American Supercar!

Filed under: Cars! — dave @ 2:40 am 2006/07/19

Baldwin Motion!

Baldwin-Motion builds some awesome ’69 Camaro knockoffs. Well, not exactly knockoffs.

They look like ’69 Camaro’s and actually use the coachwork from real ’69 Camaros, but the resemblance ends at the shell. The guts are all new, and all business; 2″ x 3″ tubular steel backbone/spine chassis running through the console and welded to the body, fully independent custom-fab rear suspension, 600-HP 540-CID Big-Block V-8 (or a 450-HP 427-CID in the convertible), and optional stuff to make 1,000 HP, Tremec TKO 600 5-speed transmission, etc…

The body is original, each limited edition machine is built from a donor car, so that each can be registered and insured anywhere. The premiums for that insurance are probably way out there, but if you can afford the car, you’d better be prepared for the insurance too.

Base price for all this beauty is $189,000 (or $169,000 for the SS-427 convertible.) If only I had disposable income like that… What trouble I could get into!

Spammers: Get a Clue and Take a Friggin Hike!

Filed under: Computers — dave @ 11:25 pm 2006/07/12

This little blog sits out here on the World Wide Web and gets maybe a couple-dozen visitors in a good week. (check the Site Meter stats.) But even though hardly anybody visits here, some spammer has decided that my site is a good mark for advertising all kinds of things that don’t even deserve to be mentioned. What do they have to gain by defacing — or rather, trying to deface — my little corner of the web? It’s like somebody trying to sneak into my back yard and write nasty things on a tiny piece of siding on my house with a Crayola marker; they don’t succeed, and even if they did it’s unlikely that anyone would ever see it, and I can get rid of it pretty easily. It just doesn’t make sense to me at all because they have little or nothing to gain other than bothering me.

Most of the referrals that my site gets is from Google searches from people looking for freebie instructions for building a Hillbilly Horseshoes goal; that’s the only thing I can think of that might be a draw for these dirtball spammers. Do they just set up stupid spambots that troll the web looking for targets, which makes it somewhat of a no-effort deal or what?

Whatever the reason, I’m sick of it. I also installed the Akismet anti-spam WordPress plug-in, which seems to be taking care of them for the most part. So far, only one piece of spammage has gone live on my blog, but that doesn’t seem to stop them.

I just wish they’d take a hike.

Meet Tessa!

Filed under: Home Life — dave @ 2:29 am 2006/07/01

We have a new member of the family; Tessa!


Tessa is a Springer Spaniel, and came to us yesterday, June 29th. She is about 4 years old, and is about as nice a dog as you could ask for. Her previous owner passed away in May, and Tessa had been staying with his daughter, Susan. She wasn’t able to keep Tessa, so posted an ad on Sioux Falls Freecycle. I read her post the morning it came out, and had a chance to mention it to Yvonne before I left for work. She thought it’d be worth a try, so I responded right away, giving my work number and our home phone number to call; Susan called Yvonne first, just to make sure getting a dog wasn’t all my idea. Smart move!