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The Apple Theme Song

I had no idea that Apple had their own Theme Song. After watching the video of it, I kinda wish I didn’t know it. It’s a bit like a train wreck; you can’t look away, but you want to scrub the images from your memory afterwards.

Wide Open Till You See God

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Paul Dana crashed big time on Sunday. Not quite 31 years old. From the video it looks like he lived his motto.

South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families

How morally bankrupt can you get. This organization calls itself South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families, and their main goal is to keep abortion legal in South Dakota. Is it just me, or how can someone claim to have a healthy family when they are willing to kill their children? Why is there such a […]

Empress of the Seas Cruise Ship Cutaway

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Wow! I use Adobe Illustrator on a daily basis, and thought that there was some complexity to the files I work with, but this guy’s work leaves me speechless. Like I said, wow!

Apple Macintosh Computer Repair Manuals and Resources

Apple Macintosh Computer Repair Manuals and Resources Wow! Huge compilation of Mac service manuals, all in one place. You can even order the whole works on a 2 CD set for $10. A bargain at twice the price!

Turn Your Head

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A Unique Gift for Children and Adults! An Optical Illusion of You! — Turn Your Head BoingBoing had a blurb on this yesterday; cool idea, but this outfit is a little pricey at $150 a piece. I would think you could do the same by following the instructions on the site for taking a profile […]

Death of a Honda

( Cars! andFamily )

Here are some photos of a Honda wagon we once owned. It was a very nice little car for us, at least before we had a nasty run-in with a cow. It happened late one evening in September, 1989, whilst driving back from the inlaws’ house in Sioux Center, IA… We were driving down the […]

I’ve been kinda thinking about getting a real domain name that would point to my blog for a while now, but never really thought long and hard about it. Then today had a deal going for 50 cent domain name registration. Heck, that’s almost as good as free! Being a guy that has a […]