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SAT Math Problem of the Day – Yahoo! Education

( Fun! andGeek )

Yahoo provides the SAT Math Problem of the Day to challenge your brain. Deane pointed this out on Gadgetopia. I’ve gotten a little rusty on my algebraic expressions, and I plan on hitting this one daily. On the first one I tried, I got the correct answer, but got sucked into the trick part of […]


One of Emily’s graduation photos, taken by Chari Clark in our back yard. Chari does a nice job, probably better than a lot of professionals, but it’s hard to get a bad photo of Emily. I cannot believe she’s a senior this year. Maybe that’s where all my gray hair came from.

Caleb 7-2k

Here’s a photo of Caleb that was taken back in July, 2000. He was just a toddler then, climbing all over everything. In this photo he’s about 5 feet off the ground on the monkey bars in the back yard. No fear at all. I wonder what happened to that, cuz now he gets nervous […]